Likeminds: German-Turkish Junior Expert Initiative 2014

Published on 27.03.2014 12:10

Likeminds – German-Turkish Junior Expert Initiative, launched by Robert Bosch Stiftung, European Academy of Berlin (EAB) and Istanbul Policy Center at Sabanci University (IPC), 2014 program application process has started.


The program organized by Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Emeritus Faculty Member Bahri Yılmaz, aims to strengthen ties between young German and Turkish top performers, and also to intensify the practical and topic-oriented exchange of ideas, experience, and understanding. In addition, it aims to contribute towards creating a professional and personal network, bringing together young experts, the deciders of the future.

In practical terms, the program is designed to address German and Turkish future experts, ‘high fliers’, young or junior experts, opinion formers, and disseminators from all sectors of society. Participants will enter into current social and political debates and confront cutting-edge issues. “likeminds” consists of three components: a preparatory workshop, held simultaneously in Istanbul and Berlin, followed by two tours d’horizon in both countries. At the workshop, participants choose different aspects of the focus topic of the year to be elaborated on during the program year. At the tours d’horizon, they have the opportunity to discuss their chosen issues with German and Turkish leading experts from politics, economy, academia, and media.

The program is seeking 10 junior experts from Germany and Turkey in the fields of politics, economy, academia, media and the arts with professional achievement and organisational responsibility.

Applicants from Turkey should contact with Gülnur Kocapınar from at Sabancı University-Istanbul Policy Center and German applicants should contact with Ute Böhr from at European Berlin Academy.

Application Form

Your application and all required documents should be received until February 9, 2014.