CEIPE- Jean Monnet Module



Jean Monnet Module


Contextualizing Europe in International Political Economy


Entitled as “Contextualizing Europe in International Political Economy (CEIPE)”, this module aims to expand and disseminate knowledge, while stimulating further research in international political economy with a specific focus on contextualizing Europe within the dual processes of globalization and regionalization. The CEIPE will contribute to the development of teaching activities and expansion of discussion. It hopes to facilitate a better understanding of the economic aspects of the EU integration and the intertwined nature of the EU integration and the integration of the global markets, whilst increasing the visibility of the EU-related studies in Turkey.


CEIPE has three major components: Teaching, mainly designed for undergraduate and MA students; workshops designed for graduate students, faculty and policy-makers; and seminars geared towards specialized NGOs, think-tanks and academics as well as the general public.


Teaching is constituted of a CEIPE-course and tutorials. CEIPE-course aims to introduce students to major theoretical and empirical issues in the field of international political economy (IPE) with a specific focus on the European integration and globalization. Tutorials will be provided for the MA students working on respective topics and/or planning to write their MA theses/ projects on such topics. The objective of the course and the tutorials is to endow students with in-depth knowledge of the complex dynamics regarding the IPE and the market integration in the EU. Their added value is their specific focus on the economic aspects of the EU integration and, furthermore, its linkages and/ or clashes with the overall global integration, thus contribution to the diversification of EU-related research and teaching. Please find the CEIPE course syllabus here.



The CEIPE workshop provide the graduate students and faculty with the opportunity to present their research. They facilitate discussion and collaboration between graduate students and faculty from SU and other universities in Turkey. Thus, the participants from different institutions are exposed to varying research agendas in economic aspects of European integration situated in the broader IPE. The objective is to help produce high-quality research and collaborative projects on the EU studies with a particular focus on the economic integration within the EU, as well as that of the EU with the global markets. Please find the programs of the CEIPE Workshop 2016 and the CEIPE Workshop 2015 here.


The seminars host scholars and experts in the field of IPE and the EU integration, aiming to contribute to an exposure to new ideas, methodologies, and networks. The series are open to the participation of academic and non-academic audiences, such as the NGOs, think tanks, civil servants working in respective subject matters as well as the experts specialized in respective issues. The accessibility of seminars help disseminate EU-related knowledge and awareness and help foster the dialogue between the academic world, civil society, policy-makers, and the EC. Please find the CEIPE seminar program here.