Summer School in European integration in Norway

Published on 26.03.2014 21:54

European Integration Summer school, 2004, Agder University College, Norway. The aim of the European Integration Summer School is to provide master students with empirical updated knowledge and new analytical models of the economic, political and social integration of Europe. It brings together leading academics from the disciplines of political science, law, economics and cultural studies to reflect on the key theoretical and policy issues arising from the new phase of integration in Europe. The programme is organised around two courses equal to 15 ECTS credits each:

ST-401 History, institutions and policies of European integration(15 ECTS)

ST-402 Current issues in the European Union (15 ECTS)


In order to be admitted to the programme the applicant must meet the basic requirements for admission to Norwegian universities and colleges. The applicant must have a bachelor degree or 180 study points, whereas 90 study points within relevant subjects.


The students will have to read approximately 2000 pages in relation to the two courses (approx. 1000 each). The literature will be in English and mainly consist of text books. Articles and primary sources and teaching material will be collected in a compendium for sale one month before the programme starts.


Application form is available on the website of Agder University College: The application form should be sent to:

Agder University College, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Service Box 422, 4604 Kristiansand.

Deadline: within 15 April

Applicants for European Integration must fill in 1, 2, 5 and 6. Send the application to Agder University College, Opptak, Service box 422, N-4604 Kristiansand