FASS Visiting PhD researchers / students

Published on 26.12.2022 14:41

Two Ph.D. researchers/students from, a Jean Monnet project "RENPET: Reconceptualising European Power in an Era of Turmoil: contestation, relevance, sustainability" (Prof. Müftüler-Baç and Prof. Aydın Düzgit) Massimo D’Angelo (Loughborough University) and Yunus Barış Ertürk (University of Amsterdam) are visiting Sabancı University, FASS to conduct their research on Turkey and the EU from a foreign policy angle.

Samuele C.A. Abrami is a Ph.D. candidate from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan is a visiting Ph.D. student at SU, FASS for 2022-2023 for a duration of one year with support from Türkiye Bursları conducting his research and fieldwork on Turkish Foreign Policy “Domestic and International Determinants in Turkey’s Multidimensional Foreign Policy a Neoclassical Realist Anatomy” under the supervision of Prof. Müftüler-Baç.