ES & Jean Monnet Seminar: Katerina Dalacoura

European Studies and Jean Monnet Seminar Series

Alternative Universalisms? Contemporary Turkish Discourses on Culture in International Relations


Katerina Dalacoura, Associate Professor
London School of Economics and Political Science

Project Funder: British Academy



The project will investigate contemporary Turkish conceptions of culture in International Relations. It will identify intellectuals whose work goes beyond the conventional categories of 'East/Islam' versus 'West' and investigate the possibility of alternative universalist understandings of culture. Contemporary thought will be placed in the context of Turkey's intellectual, political, social and geo-political history but the emphasis will be on the study of ideas. By delving into hitherto unexplored primary sources, the project will offer an original contribution to knowledge and build bridges across disciplines. Apart from enriching the theoretical debate on culture in IR, the project will also aim to add to the vibrant current public debate on the role of culture in global affairs.

Date: December 16, 2015
Time: 13:30-15:00 pm 

Place: FASS 2034

All interested are welcome.